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This is the web site of  CYTOPATHNET® owned and managed by CYTOPATHNET®. Our postal address is: 3118 Glenmere Court Carrollton, Tx 75007. We can be reached via e-mail at webmaster@cytopathnet.org.

Privacy Policy Changes

As this Privacy Policy changes in significant ways, we will make every effort to notify you of the changes by announcement and posting on our Home Page. Minor changes to this Privacy Policy may occur that will not affect the ways in which we use your individually identifiable information. In these instances, we may not notify you of such minor changes. When this Privacy Policy changes in a way that significantly affects the way we handle personal information, we will not apply the new Policy to information we have previously gathered without obtaining consent from the appropriate individual. We will post Privacy Policy changes on our website in a timely manner.

Information We Collect

About Cookies

Cookies are used on this site in order to register, login, track user sessions (which provides information to user about recently viewed pages, bookmarks, etc), use menus, and various other functions designed to enrich the user experience and convenience.

User Information

For each visitor to our Web site page/s, our Web server automatically recognizes only the consumer’s domain name (IP address), but not the e-mail address (where possible). We collect the domain name (IP address) and e-mail address (where possible) of visitors to our Web site page/s, the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit, user-specific information on what pages consumers access or visit and information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information and/or site registrations. The information we collect is used to improve the content of our Web site page/s, used to customize the content and/or layout of our page/s for each individual consumer, used to notify consumers about updates to our Web site, used by us to contact consumers for marketing purposes and NOT shared with other organizations for commercial purposes. If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by sending email to us at the above address or writing to us at the above address and telling us that you do not want to receive e-mail from our company. We do NOT make the e-mail or postal addresses of those who access our site available to other companies or organizations. If you supply us with your postal address on-line you may receive periodic mailings from us with information on new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by sending email to us at the above address or writing to us at the above address. We do NOT share any e-mail or postal addresses with other professional organizations. Persons who supply us with their telephone numbers on-line may receive telephone contact from us with information regarding orders they have placed on-line. They also may receive telephone contact from us with information regarding new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive such telephone calls, please let us know by sending email to us at the above address or writing to us at the above address. We do NOT make available the phone numbers of those who access our site to other companies or professional organizations. Please provide us with your correct phone number.

User Information-Authors/Editors

In order to comply with certain guidelines to assure the quality of medical healthcare information on the internet, Authors and Editors will be asked to provide appropriate information to satisfy applicable guideline requirements. As needed, verification of identity and licensure with outside sources may be conducted. This may include name, practice location, bibliography, and current curriculum vitae. This information will be made available to users of The Populist Cytologist and CYTOPATHNET® users and will be listed either through our The Populist Cytologist or CYTOPATHNET Staff Roster, Author/Editor Roster, or CYTOPATHNET UserPages?, ie. UserPageadmin.

Friendship Network

CYTOPATHNET® offers a user feature that allows for registered users to contact one another when online, and to set up a Friendship Network. This is an optional feature, and the user can set their “visibility” and “accessibility” when online during registration or through accessing their account profile online. An individual user who feels they are being harrassed by another user or who is subjected to Any abuse of this system should report this immediately to the Webmaster at webmaster@cytopathnet.org.

Online Forums, Comments, Blogs, and CYTOPATHNET-L Listserv

We presume that users of our site are medical professionals in the field of cytopathology, or related health care field. As a result, a standard of conduct regarding the posting of commentary and response to other users is considered paramount to the use of this website. As a rule, because our users are considered medical professionals, we do not proactively moderate or review posts prior to them being posted. That being said, the forums, comments and blogs are carefully monitored and any inappropriate post or material which does not meet the intent of this site, or is unprofessional, offensive, or otherwise deemed inappropriate (ie. spam) will be removed and the poster contacted. Users and moderators must behave at all times with respect and honesty. Moderators may intervene when abuse occurs, and may do so by a private warning to the individual when the situation cannot be handled by gentler warnings by commentary. Non-compliance may result in banning of that individual. Additional Terms of Use for the CYTOPATHNET-L listserv are available here.

IMPORTANT: When posting to forums, blogs or comments, or via our listserv, your posts are visible for others to see. Your posts are designated by your username. Be mindful when setting your personal profile settings, and know what you are allowing others to view about your information, such as real name, location, or private email. You are able to modify and/or erase your post. If for any reason you are unable to erase a post, please contact the Webmaster and request removal of the specific post, webmaster@cytopathnet.org.

Source of Content

For any author, editor, and general site users, when posting material regarding health/medical information that is not based on personal experience, please be sure to provide proper references, ie. links, to support your information.

HIPAA Regulations

As appropriate, The Populist Cytologist, and CYTOPATHNET® adheres to relevant HIPAA regulations. Please contact me via private messaging if you identify any issues of concern.


Jana C. Sullinger, MD

Founder/Creator of The Populist Cytologist and CYTOPATHNET®

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