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Cloud Computing and Web 2.0

blog post
The Latest "Buzzword"- Cloud Computing  In a recent article, Sagoo and Weber1 begin by  

Community Interaction and Communication--Reminder

Learn how to communicate with others around the world on CYTOPATHNET. Please visit the Blog link below to find out to enable the correct settings on your profile. [  

Please Review Our Updated Privacy Policy

Please Review Our Updated Privacy Policy Please take a few moments to review our revised ((CYTOPATHNET Privacy Policy  

Site Upgrade

Site Upgrade to v 2.4. We upgraded to Tikiwiki 2.4. This will help site performance. We were able to fix the image thumbnail issue. In addition, some security fixes were applied.  

Site Upgrades and Fixes

We upgraded the site over the past 2 days to Tikiwiki 2.0 rc 4. This will help site performance. We were able to fix the FREETAG functionality, which allows users to click on topics and quickly find r  

Site Upgrades Continue--Move to New Server Completed

The upgrades to CYTOPATHNET continue with the successful move to a new server. This should help improve performance. During this move, the Online Campus was also upgraded to the latest version of ATut  


blog post
Did you know that CYTOPATHNET has been at the forefront of the WEB 2.0 trend?....since 2005? I suspect that most of you are thinking, "uh....what is WEB 2.0?" According to