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About CYTOPATHNET Community Challenge

The CYTOPATHNET Community Challenge was created as a means to encourage the online cytopathology community to collaborate online in order develop meaningful tools for practical use by cytopathologists, cytotechnologists, and other healthcare professionals.

Current Challenges

CALL TO ACTION: QualityAssurance: First CYTOPATHNET Community Challenge for the development of an Online Compendium on Cytopathology Quality Assurance.

Open Forum

I have posted an upcoming Open Forum through internet relay chat (IRC) on the Freenode network, channel #cytopathnet. This Open Forum will be held on a regular and/or as needed basis and will be conducted as a means to solicit input from our online community. I am looking for interested individuals who are wanting to help develop CYTOPATHNET's online community from a global perspective. I am looking for Advisors, Editors, and Contributors. So, if you believe in the concept of CYTOPATHNET, and would like to be a part of a global community network, this is the place for you to become involved.

In order to give me an idea of who will be joining us on the first forum, I have created a signup tracker, so please signup here. You will need an IRC chat client in order to participate. There are many freely available on the internet. To learn more about IRC, please read this information on IRC from Wikipedia.

Recommended IRC clients: mIRC and XChat.

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