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CMS Cytology PT Result Scorecards- 2005 thru 2009

For a tool for use, which includes the scorecards listed below, please look at this file

Instructions for Use If prompted for a Password to unlock spreadsheet, use Cytopathnet.
Tab 1- Instructions General instructions for use.
Tab 2- PT Results This tab contains all current data from CMS from 2005 through 2009 regarding Cytology PT test performance. Also provided is a pivot table presenting the data in a usable format for viewing. Please note, this functionality in Excel is uncertain, as this is an OpenOffice? pivot table, and full compatibility may not be retained. OpenOffice? is an opensource product and can be freely downloaded from the internet.
Tab 3- Score Cards Pivot table score cards created here by year.
Tab 4- Benchmarks Modification of the PT Results table to provide two columns for you to add your Laboratory data, and have automatically formatted for acceptable performance benchmarks.
  Please enter your lab data in the columns labeled: Your Pass and Your Fail.
  Once entered, the benchmark data is automatically tabulated and formatted.
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