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A list of useful terms will be provided in this Online Glossary. Please feel free to add new terms or revise currently listed terms as you see that they may apply.


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Cytology QA Compendium Glossary
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open Failure mode and effects analyses (FMEAs) Also called: potential failure modes and effects analysis; failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA). admin2007 06/07 木 19:18 MDT2007 06/07 木 19:18 MDTList Attachments0
openanatomic pathology diagnostic errorThe assignment of a pathologic diagnosis that does not represent the true nature of disease (or nondisease) in a patient. admin2007 06/30 土 21:30 MDT2007 06/30 土 21:30 MDTList Attachments0
openCause-effect diagramA tool for analyzing a process by illustrating the main causes and sub-causes leading to an effect (or symptom). Also called an "Ishikawa diagram" ... admin2007 06/07 木 05:32 MDT2007 06/07 木 05:32 MDTList Attachments0
openCheck sheetA simple data-recording device, custom-designed by the user to allow for easy data collection and interpretation. admin2007 06/07 木 05:30 MDT2007 06/07 木 05:30 MDTList Attachments0
opencompendiumA compendium is a comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge. A compendium usually contains principal heads, or general principles, of a larg... admin2007 05/09 水 10:00 MDT2007 05/09 水 10:00 MDTList Attachments0
openControl ChartA chart with upper and lower control limits on which values for a series of samples are plotted. The chart frequently includes a central line to he... admin2007 06/07 木 19:12 MDT2007 06/07 木 19:12 MDTList Attachments0
opencytopathology aasheth2009 06/13 土 00:54 MDT2009 06/13 土 00:54 MDTList Attachments0
openelectronic medical record

An electronic medical record (EMR) is a medical record in digital format.

A medical record, health record, or medical chart is a systematic docu...

admin2007 05/09 水 09:58 MDT2007 05/09 水 09:58 MDTList Attachments0
openerrorThe failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of the wrong plan to achieve an aim. admin2007 06/30 土 21:27 MDT2007 06/30 土 21:30 MDTList Attachments0
openFlowchart/process mapGraphical tools for process understanding. A flowchart creates a map of the steps in a process, and documents the inputs and outputs for each step. admin2007 06/07 木 05:29 MDT2007 06/07 木 05:29 MDTList Attachments0
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