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DRAFT: This is WORK IN PROGRESS and will be changing frequently at this time. In order to achieve a consistent appearance and flow to the development of the Compendium, we will define in this document the required WikiSyntax? to be used by all contributors to the Compendium.

CYTOPATHNET is structured on a TikiWiki platform, which may at the beginning, appear foreign and difficult to use. However, the advantage of this format is that no special software is required by the contributor, who only requires a computer, internet browser, email client, and internet connection. This TikiWiki based site is based on a WikiSyntax? shorthand that allows for easy formatting of a document, not requiring sophisticated, expensive software. Examples of this WikiSyntax? are provided below. In addition, instructions for contributors on page naming and document structure are provided. Please do not hesitate to add suggestions to this document in order to clarify usage and assist others with utilizing this format. Do not let this format dissuade you from contributing, because we will ALWAYS accept a Word document that you attach to this document or email to me at

Page Naming Convention

In keeping with the usual TikiWiki and other Wiki formats elsewhere on the Web, we will utilize a similar page naming convention.

The Online Compendium pages will be in the following format: CytologyQACompendium(Topic), without the parentheses. For example, this current page is entitled CytologyQACompendiumSyntax. So, for instance, if we were creating a page regarding a list of Authors, the correct page name syntax would be CytologyQACompendiumAuthors.

Page Creation

In order to create a new page in the Online Compendium, begin by accessing the CytologyQACompendium page. At the top of that page you will see a blank box with a checkbox labeled "child", and to the right of that a button which says "Add Page". In order to create a new page under CytologyQACompendium, enter the new page name according to our page naming convention provided above, check the checkbox next to "child", and click the "Add page" button. You should automaticlly see your new page show up under the Table of Contents. Click the link to your new page, either double click on the new page or click the edit button at the page bottom to begin editing your newly created page.

Page Structure and Categorization

When editing or creating a page, you will see on the left hand side of the page at top beneath the page name, "Categorize", and beneath that "Structures". In the first, there are two highlighted text items labled show categories and hide categories, and a checkbox to select to categorize this object. The Online Compendium is listed under the Category "Guidelines::QualityAssurance". Be sure to select this category from the dropdown list, and check the categorize this object box. Under Structures, click on show structures. You should see Guidelines(Guidelines) already listed automatically.

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Set the Language to English (en) or leave on Unknown.

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Page Edit

In the page Edit box, during page creation, you will see on the lefthand side a highlighted text called "Quicktags" preceded by a "+" sign. Click on this to expand and see some shorthand tools to use for editing. Please feel free to simply type away if you get confused, and we can do touchups later. Additional assistance can be found at the bottom of the page by clicking on "wiki help". This will provide assistance with WikiSyntax? and useful plugins. Please do not put a list of "To-Do's" in this area. The Footnotes area is provided for this purpose (see below).


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