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Sensitivity for High-Grade? Cervical Disease and Cancer
The DNAwithPAP Test and Cytology vs. Cytology Alone
This data represents CIN3+ detection reported from studies conducted in Costa Rica, South Africa, China, Mexico, Germany and the United Kingdom.1,2

DNAwithPAP Test and Cytology Sensitivity for high-grade cervical disease and cancer can now be as high as 100% as shown in studies that combined the DNAwithPAP™ Test* and cytology

  • The DNAwithPAP Test (Digene’s hc2 High-Risk? HPV DNA Test™) is the most effective screen for the virus that causes cervical disease and cancer.
  • The DNAwithPAP Test, the only FDA-approved HPV test, provides you and your patients greater reassurance that cervical disease and cancer won’t be missed.

By using the DNAwithPAP Test as a primary adjunctive screening tool for women aged 30 and older, you are able to:

  • Identify women who are at greatest risk for

cervical disease or cancer

  • Offer the most appropriate, effective follow-up

1. Cuzick J, et al. Management of women who test positive for high-risk types of human papillomavirus: the HART study. Lancet. 2003;362:1871-1876.
2. Lorincz A, Richart R. Human Papillomavirus DNA Testing As An Adjunct To Cytology In Cervical Screening Programs. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2003;127:959-968.

  • The Pap and associated test materials are not included in the kit and must be purchased separately.

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DNAwithPAP and hc2 High-Risk? HPV DNA Test are trademarks of Digene Corporation. © March 2004 Digene Corporation.

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