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Founder's Message for 2015


To Our Valued Users

I want to offer a most humble THANK YOU to all of you for your continued use of this site! I am indebted to our users for their continued patronage and want to personally thank our users for their continued support over the years. This site continues because I believe that practical knowledge and experience should be shared and a forum exist for users to find helpful information, contribute if they desire to do so, and perhaps learn something. There have been many times when I have considered shutting down this site, only to be brought back to the reality that for many, this site represents a valuable tool. So to all of you, again, my humblest THANK YOU!

Current Status

As some of you may have noticed, more of my time is devoted to blogging on The Populist Cytologist, and in creating a new look for CYTOPATHNET (not yet ready). My ability to add information may wax and wane as a result, but I am always a Tweet away, or email away. And, yes, I am still an actively in practice, with my focus on cytopathology, GYN pathology, and breast pathology.

I continue to personally maintain CYTOPATHNET from both a financial, maintenance and design standpoint while maintaining a full time position as a practicing pathologist for over 20 years. In the past, CYTOPATHNET received some personal contributions from a few of our users, and also received income from online classifieds, advertising, and newswires, I previously made the decision to remove any form of paid advertising from the site, and continue that philosophy at this time. I also previously discontinued the 501(c) status. I continue to strive to provide a "global" community for medical professionals to freely contribute their knowledge and experience in the field of cytopathology, and pathology in general. The medical community, although intellectually rich remains far behind in adopting the philosophy of open and FREE sharing of knowledge and has been slow as well in acclimating to the online community. Some of this may be due to corporate policies restricting individuals being able to contribute without fear of violating company policy or violation of intellectual property. So, as a result, the community lurks in the shadows. So although most of you are quiet on your journey on this website, you do use it, and there are many of you. As a result, I continue to try to stir the consciousness of our community and perhaps, we can find a way to break out and come together as a community to form some great ideals and ideas.

Going Forward

A few years ago, I changed the format of CYTOPATHNET to progress towards an "open access" community format using an open-source online collaboration tool called TikiWiki. By the way, if you want to see the successful results of an online community and what they have been able to achieve through online collaboration worldwide, visit their website, http://tikiwiki.org. The general idea is to encourage active participation from our users in contributing to the content on CYTOPATHNET, as well as interacting with each other. The past 3 years, CYTOPATHNET has maintained a presence on FACEBOOK, and has a growing number of followers on TWITTER. Additional site features include blogs, FAQ's, File repository, Image database, Classifieds (free), online polls, online Forums. Due to lack of use, I have discontinued the Online Campus. Although I created the CYTOPATHNET Community Challenge in an effort to focus awareness on important issues in the field of cytopathology, I have been somewhat discouraged by the lack of participation, and again presume that this is in large part due to employer restrictions. That is understandable, and certainly a sign of our times. With that being said, what results is largely the result of what free time I have available, which has been increasingly limited. I have been slowly making additions a bit at a time, and certainly as new guidelines are published, I attempt to provide at least some basic information there.


As I mentioned above, it is personally challenging to personally provide all of the content on CYTOPATHNET in a manner which would encourage increased utilization, although I do my best. razz The implementation of The Populist Cytologist blog has been a great tool, and the readership is growing. In addition, if anyone from the community would like to assist in this endeavor, please contact me. It remains a challenge to obtain participation from other sources (certainly on a voluntary basis). This may be in part due to:

  1. employers restricting an individual's ability to actively participate in a forum of this type,
  2. a lack of willingness to participate,
  3. a general unfamiliarity with the internet and how to utilize an online resource by the enduser,
  4. a lack of individual time to participate, and/or
  5. my inability to devote the time needed to address these issues.



I am abandoning my request for volunteers, as in the many years I have been maintaining CYTOPATHNET, they have been few and far between. I list some of the reasons for this above. If anyone is interested in helping with CYTOPATHNET, however, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Advisory Board Members

I have permission to acknowledge the following individuals for our Advisory Board:

  • Dr Ashish Chandra, FRCPath DipRCPath (Cytol)

In Memoriam:

If you are interested in being an advisor for CYTOPATHNET, please contact me.

Jana C. Sullinger, MD

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