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How to tag

How to Tag

In CYTOPATHNET pages can be "tagged" internally (to the wiki) by simply linking to the page which names the category or status you wish to apply. It is a simple, fast and effective way to keep track of things like publication status. This has been dubbed the Backlinks to index? method, since it uses the BacklinksPlugin? to achieve a category or status index.

Example: placing a "refactor" tag on a page.

To do so, you would edit the page and add

^This page needs to be ((refactor))ed.^

Tagging like this will notify other users who are watching the Publication Status page that refactoring help is needed.

Note: This informal method should not be confused with the Category? or Tags? features in CYTOPATHNET, which you see at the bottom of most Wiki pages.

Editors can use and create tags to index what work needs to be done on each page. As pages move through the Publication Lifecycle, their status changes. When they are complete and in production, the tags are removed. It's important to tag things properly, so that you communicate clearly with your fellow editors.

Tagging Conventions

Tags are always placed inside of a text box to call attention to them like this:

This is a sample tag?. It's inside a text box

Use your tag in a sentence, and add a sentence or two about why you placed the tag, like this:

This is my sample tag?. I've put it here because I need to show a sample tag.


More Examples


The stub tag is placed at the top of an otherwise empty page, it should always invite participation to complete it with a link to the Welcome Authors page, like this:

This is a stub. You can help fill it in!.



The Refactor tag is a request to make substantial changes to a page. It should be placed at the top of the page. The tag should include the reasons why the change is needed. For example:

Please add this page to the refactor list. This section has been completely re-written for the new ASCCP Guidelines and comparisons need to be demonstrated.



The Screenshot tag is also a request for a change. It should be placed

  • just before the screenshot that needs to be replaced
  • at the point where a screenshot needs to be created

This tag should also include the reason why a change is needed. For example:

The screenshot of the tutorial for how to create pages needs to be corrected.



The Structure tag is a request to add a page to a publication structure, so it will be included in Table of Contents and PDF's created from those structures. When you use this tag, please place it at the top of the page and indicate which structure the page should be added to, like this:

This page is needs to be added to the main Publication structure.



If you think that you have found errors in the document, place an error tag at the point where the error was found, with an explanation of the error:

Add this page to the errors list. The new ASCCP guidelines were not released in 2005.


Needs Review

This tag is used many times in the Publication Lifecycle:

  • After new publication is created
  • After screenshots have been added or replaced
  • After errors have been corrected
  • After refactoring

In short, after every major edit the publication should go back to needs review status. Please give a brief description of what was changed to save the review editor the time of digging through page history, like this:

This is a new publication that needs review.


I've added a screenshot of the tutorial page that needs review.


The ASCCP 2006 Guidelines section has been re-written and needs review.



The help feature is used to tag a feature or setting that requires more info from a developer or more experienced user. Place the tag at the point where help is needed. If you are tagging at item inside a wiki table, place a tag in the table at the spot you need help and put a box underneath the table:

Upper Case Allowed?Allows upper case if checked
Superformat? I need help understanding what superformat does
I need help understanding what the superformat feature does.



If you feel a page needs to be worked on ahead of others, you can tag it as urgent. Valid reasons for using urgent would be highly used page with errors, key new feature, security info, etc. There's no guarantee the other editors will share your sense of urgency, so it's best to edit the page yourself. Please add the urgent tag at the top of the page.

Many users are asking this question in IRC. Updating this page is an urgent requirement.


Review for Next Release

This tag is a note that the page needs to be updated or constructed for the next version of CYTOPATHNET. Place this tag along with others on the page to indicate the page needs to be edited soon.

This page needs review for Next Release.


Creating New Tags

Tags can be created for any reason, but realistically only the top 10 or so will make it on the Publication Status page - and thus be watched. Other similar Dashboard? pages can be created however for special projects. If you'd like to implement a new tag, you should first tag the tag by linking it to tag. Get it?

Please consult with the Editorial Board? before you set new tags up.

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