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Non-GYN Guidelines

Adopted March 2004 by the American Society of Cytopathology(external link).

Brief Excerpt From ASC Guideline Introduction:

The Nongynecological Cytology Practice Guideline is a document for laboratories and is intended for use primarily by cytologists – pathologists and cytotechnologists – who perform non-gynecologic cytology analyses and report their findings to clinicians. It is not intended to represent the standard of care for use in medico legal proceedings. Thus, this document focuses on laboratory processes and related topics such as techniques of sample procurement, slide staining and analysis, and cytology laboratory management. Although this guideline is intended for use by laboratorians, clinicians, and patients, others involved in healthcare may find this document to be a resource when correlating nongynecological cytology results with clinical care decisions. Information that is unique for specific organs, organ systems or body sites is contained in sections entitled supplementary information.

The Nongynecological Cytology Practice Guideline is not intended for use as or a substitute for a procedure manual for cytology technical protocols. Readers may use references cited at the end of this Guideline, or other sources, for information such as preparation methodology or staining formulations.

Please download this PDF version of the document, nongyn_guideline_392004.pdf (205.89 Kb).

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