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This feature was discontinued in March 2013.

I have investigated several educational packages, including very expensive products to open source tools. As the result of that investigation, I have narrowed down the choices for use on CYTOPATHNET to ATutor, an open source product that is now available through our Online Campus, link).

What are the advantages?

  • Offers ability to offer online courses to registered CYTOPATHNET users in a central easily accessible arena.
  • Offers the ability for CYTOPATHNET users to create their OWN online course/s for either public or private use. In the future, their may be the integration with an eCommerce tool to allow for users to charge a fee for access to their own course material (not yet available).
  • Allows for online educational collaboration.
  • Offers a tool for cytotechnology schools to use for education.
  • Course material can be imported from other formats.

For a complete list of Features, please click here.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Takes some time for users to learn how to navigate.
  • Assignment of scores to individual questions is somewhat limited, in that partial scoring is not available at this time (ie. to assign scoring methods similar to Cytology PT scoring format).
  • Takes time to enter questions, again with a learning curve.

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