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Status Tags

Status Tags

The following are status tags? in use at CYTOPATHNET. If you are new to this system used in CYTOPATHNET, read How to tag.

List of Status Tags monitored on Publication Status

To use a tag, link to any of the following pages from the page you are concerned about.


  • review for next release - this page needs to be updated for the next release
  • help - a user is looking for help with a specific publication problem.
  • stub - this page is a stub and needs to be expanded
  • refactor - the page needs to be re-organized, possibly using a publication template?
  • messy - for people who don't understand what "refactor" means.
  • errors - if a page contains information that is misleading or plain wrong (put the tag next to the error)
  • screenshot - this page has a missing or obsolete screenshot (put the tag next to the error)
  • urgent - can be combined with any of the above, indicating urgency.
  • needs review - the page is ready for proofreading.
  • structure - this page needs to be added to a specified CYTOPATHNET structure. Please indicate the suggested structure for the wiki page to be added to.


List of other tags

Tags in less frequent use are still useful to certain groups of users, and you can view the list of all pages linking to any page by using the Backlinks Plugin?

tag - a tag for tags, eh.
tutorial?, walkthrough?, guide?, all mean about the same thing.

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