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To find out more about TikiWiki, visit link). Don't be timid to check things out, experiment, and most of all, HAVE FUN!!


TikiWiki is a feature-rich content management system (CMS) — it's so feature-rich that it can be overwhelming, even to an experienced user or administrator. Thus, we found it useful to divide TikiWiki's features into these general categories:

  • Content Creation and Management Tools These features enable administrators and users to create, display, and maintain online-accessible content of all kinds, including text, binary data, images, links, and much more.
  • Content Organization Tools and Navigation Aids? These features enable administrators and users to organize, structure, and present content in a manageable way.
  • Communication Tools? These features enable administrators and users to communicate with each other (and the outside world) by means of numerous media, including internal messaging, voice telephony, data interchange, and many more.
  • Configuration Tools? and Administration Tools? These features enable administrators (and users who have been given the appropriate permissions) to configure administer all aspects of a TikiWiki site.

To find out more about the features listed below, please visit link).

Feature Typical Application
Articles? Fast-breaking news, announcements
Blogs? Online diaries or journals
Charts? Like polls, but more feature-rich; displayed in center column
Comments? User comments that can be appended to articles, Wiki pages, forum posts, and more
Cookies? Taglines drawn randomly from tagline database
Directory? User-submitted Web links
Dynamic Content? Bloc of content which can be reused and programmed (timed) .
Dynamic Variable? Snippets of text which can be reused throughout Tiki.
Ephemerides? Content that varies by date
FAQs? Frequently asked questions and answers
Featured Links? External Web pages that open in an iframe
File Galleries? Computer files and software for downloading
Forums? Online discussions on a variety of topics
HTML Pages? Static and dynamic HTML content
Image Galleries? Collections of graphic images for viewing or downloading
Maps? Navigable, interactive maps with user-selectable layers
Newsletters? Content mailed to registered users
Polls? Brief list of votable options; appears in module (left or right column)
Quizzes? Timed questionnaire with recorded scores
RSS Feeds? Newsfeeds from external Web sites
Spreadsheet? Datasheets with calculations and charts
Surveys? Questionnaire
Trackers? Facts and figures storage & retrieval
Wiki? Collaboratively authored documents
Content Organization Tools and Navigation Aids?
Calendar? Show when content was created or modified
Categories? Classify content according to subject descriptors
Content Templates? Give a consistent look and feel to Wiki pages.
Hotwords? Automatically attach links to specified words or phrases.
Modules? Control appearance and content of boxes that appear in the left and right columns
MyTiki Provide content organization and communication tools for registered users
Search? Provide full-text search capabilities
Structures? Create hierarchically organized "breadcrumb" navigation aids for Wiki pages
UserMenu? Create custom menus to aid site navigation
Workflow? Control routing of documents based on objectively defined actions.
Communication Tools?
Chat? Real-time text chatting
Communication Center? Exchange data with other TikiWiki sites
Live Support? Notify admin by e-mail when a user needs help.
Mail-In? Submit Wiki pages via e-mail.
Messaging? Enable users to send internal messages to each other
Mobile Tiki? Make a TikiWiki site accessible to users of Web-enabled cell phones.
Shoutbox? Provide a "graffiti" box on the site's home page.
Tikibot? Respond to data queries originated via IRC.
Voice Tiki? Provide voice-based browsing capability.
Webmail? Give users Web-based access to their POP3 e-mail accounts
Configuration Tools?
Articles Config? Configure Articles features.
Blogs Config? Configure Blogs features.
Directory Config? Configure Directory feature.
FAQs Config? Configure FAQs feature.
Features Config? Enable or disable TikiWiki features.
File Galleries Config? Configure File Galleries feature.
Forums Config? Configure Forums feature.
General Config? Set up, name, and configure a TikiWiki site.
Image Galleries Config? Configure Image Galleries feature.
Login Config? Control user login processes.
Maps Config? Configure Maps feature.
Polls Config? Configure Polls feature.
RSS Config? Configure RSS Feeds feature.
RSS Config? Configure RSS Feeds feature.
Trackers Config? Configure Trackers feature.
User Files Config? Establish quotas for user files.
Webmail Config Set up Webmail accounts.
Wiki Config? Configure Wiki features.
Administration Tools?
Admin Drawings? Set up drawing tools for Wiki pages.
Admin DSN? Create links to external databases.
Backups? Make dumps of TikiWiki's SQL database.
Banners? Insert, track, and manage advertising banners.
Banning? Block access from individual IPs or ranges of IPs.
Cache? Control and flush cached data.
Edit Templates? Edit SMARTY templates.
External Wikis? Enable direct links to external Wikis.
Groups? Manage user groups.
Import PHPWiki? Import data from a PHPWiki site.
Integrator? Automatically import external HTML pages into the Wiki.
Phpinfo? View PHP information on the server.
QuickTags? Define QuickTags? for inserting Wiki syntax.
Referrer Stats? View referrer stats.
Search Stats? View search stats.
Stats? View site stats.
Theme Control? Assign different themes to various TikiWiki components.
Users? Manage registered users.


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  • If you're a TikiWiki user (or a would-be administrator trying to get a handle on what TikiWiki can do), start with Content Creation and Management Tools.
  • Advanced users and administrators can explore Content Organization Tools and Navigation Aids? to learn how to improve a TikiWiki site's accessibility and usability.
  • Learn about the many ways TikiWiki can facilitate communication by browsing Communication Tools?.
  • If you're a TikiWiki administrator, or a user tapped by an administrator to help out with administrative duties, you can learn more about the many Administration Tools?.

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