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In CYTOPATHNET, pages can be "tagged" internally (to the wiki) by simply linking to the page which names the category or status you wish to apply. Each of those category pages should include a link to this page, so that a list of such tags is automatically maintained in one place. This is a simple, fast and effective way to keep track of things and it has been dubbed the "backlinks to index" method, since it uses the PluginBacklinks? to achieve a category or status index.

Many of the tags are used to indicate the Publication Status of pages. See How To Tag for more information. Not to be confused with a Category? or Freetag?.

Below are the backlink to index-type tags currently linked in CYTOPATHNET:

9 pages link to tag


Note: Each of the above pages has a link to this page - all tag category pages should link to this page.

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