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ADMIN NOTE: There are some useful tips here for general web page and wiki page creation.


  • Write only factual information.
  • Give concrete advice, rather than abstract.
  • Make editing and elaboration easier by avoiding the use of "I" where possible (except in your WikiHomePage).o Write and sign first-person accounts when reporting experiences and opinions not easily reduced to facts or objective advice.
  • Place words where they are easy to read; this is not always at the bottom, but they should not be placed before the "OpeningStatement".
  • Respect the freedom you have been given.
  • Edit pages to emphasize the flow of ideas, not the order in which they were contributed.
  • Be concise and stay OnTopic? for the page.
  • Use language you'd be comfortable reading out loud - use versus utilize - and keep it simple. Simple language often communicates better.
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors - errors detract from the content.
  • Edit only when you think a page is lacking - don't just sign your name at the bottom of every page.
  • Delete only if doing so adds value.
  • Remember, if you want a nice page, make one.
  • Don't say things that are likely to make others mad. Practice civility and understatement.
  • Above all, be good, and play nice!


The following additional points are true, useful and relevant, but are not specifically about style:

  • The server has very simple TextFormattingRules?. Start each line without spaces, and separate paragraphs with a blank line. You can run capitalized words together to make WikiLinks?.
  • Use HorizontalSeparators? to make things easier to read. Lots of different comments with no separation can otherwise be confusing.
  • As a visitor to this site or editor of this page, you have some responsibility; the responsibility is "Spirit of Freedom and Spirit of Quality". Everybody can contribute constructively by not contributing when he/she doesn't have anything to contribute.


Write only factual information.

  • How does a Freelance_writer distinguish between fact and theory, between opinion and authority? Personal opinion is unavoidable, but that does not absolve you from aiming for objectivity.
  • Writing in the past tense helps some of us to stick to the facts. :-) Writing without past or future tense (i.e., in the NOW) helps the truth come out. :-)
  • NeverWriteRecently: stick to WikiNow?.


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