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Tutorial: How To Post to a Blog

Based on a recommendation by one of our users, Cytocox, a group of "How-To" Tutorials will be created on how to use the new features available on CYTOPATHNET. If you would like to contribute to this "How-To", you may do so by contacting either myself (Admin) or Cytocox. You can find that you can actually edit this tutorial and make modifications. Just jump right on in. If something happens, don't worry, we have a history of prior versions stored, so everything should be fine.


Instructions for Collaboration

One of the great things about TikiWiki is that it is relatively easy to learn the formatting shorthand that is used. When you edit a page, there is a "wikihelp" button present usually at the bottom (admittedly not the best location) of the editing area) that provides a list of the shorthand elements used for text as well as for program "plugins". To access the latter, you click on the hyperlink in the upper right hand area of the page displayed by having clicked on the "wikihelp" button.

In order to establish a consistent appearance in our Tutorial format, I am asking that CYTOPATHNET Collaborators use a specified Formatting Standard, which can be accessed here, link).

Introduction to the Blog

There is a very nice video demonstration of how to use the TIKI Blog at link). It includes some admin functions which may not be available to the general registered user, but it will give you a general idea how to post and/or create a blog.

Current List of Collaborators

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