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page id: 23 CMS Informational Supplement on Cytology Proficiency Testing

CMSInformationalSupplementOnCytologyProficiencyTesting locked

J Overview
J1. In summary, what must laboratories and individuals do each year in order to comply with the cytology proficiency testing regulations?
  • Laboratories must ensure that each cytotechnologist and pathologist examining gynecologic cytology preparations is enrolled in a CMS-approved Cytology Proficiency Testing program.
  • Cytotechnologists and pathologists who are not routinely employed in a laboratory must contact a CMS-approved Cytology Proficiency Testing Program directly to enroll in an approved program.
  • Cytotechnologists and pathologists must be tested once per year and score at least 90%.
  • Laboratories must ensure that individuals who fail a test are retested within the required timeframes.
  • Laboratories must take the appropriate remedial actions for any individuals who fail a cytology proficiency test event.
  • Individuals who are not routinely employed in a laboratory should contact CMS for further information.

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