Selected Abstracts from CytoJournal? 2011 8(1):16-16

These are peer-reviewed poster-platform submissions finalized by the Scientific Program Committee. A total of 153 abstracts (14 Platforms PP1 through PP14 & 139 Posters 1 through 139) were selected from 161 submissions to be considered for presentation during November 4 - 8, 2011, at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel, to pathologists, cytopathologists, cytotechnologists, residents, fellows, students, and other members of cytopathology-related medical and scientific fields.

The Tahoe Study: Bias in interpretation of Pap tests when HPV ...: This is a CAP Cytopathology Committee group study, written by Moriarty, et. al. evaluating the what impact, if any, known HPV status has on Pap smear interpretations. The study found that known HPV status does affect the Pap test interpretation, and was statistically significant. The authors concluded that "if molecular testing is used as a primary screening test and Pap tests are used as secondary or reflex tests, it is more likely that the Pap test will be interpreted as abnormal, as compared to when a Pap test is used as a primary screening test.

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