The online community offers an incredible opportunity for grass-roots movements to organize and collaborate online quickly and easily, with little expense. Many groups have gained tremendous momentum and affected change in the areas of open-source office software (e.g. OpenOffice?.org), open-source operating systems (e.g. LINUX), online content management systems (CMS) (e.g. TikiWiki-what CYTOPATHNET utilizes, WikiPedia?, Mambo) and more. In addition, it allows an opportunity for the individual to become a part of the process.

CYTOPATHNET has challenged the worldwide cytopathology community to actively participate in the development of an Online Compendium on Cytopathology Quality Assurance ( This CALL TO ACTION is to encourage the community to become a part of the process to improve access to useful informaton and tools regarding quality assurance methodology for cytopathology. I have been quite impressed with the abilities of a grass-roots team of individuals from around the world to design TikiWiki ( link)). If not for the individual efforts of those folks, you would not be reading this article. Sure, it isn't scientific or medically related, but the point is, a community of individuals recognized a need and stepped up to the plate and created a useful tool for all to utilize. As medical professionals, we should be able to accomplish similar goals by banding together as a community to share our knowledge to create a unique online resource available to all involved in the field of cytopathology. I hear so many complaints about cytology PT, burdensome regulations, inadequate tools for quality assurance, but yet, see a lackluster respone by the professional community to react...until something prompts action, e.g. bad lay press, litigation, new legislation. WAKE UP people...become a part of the process, not a part of the problem. GET INVOLVED...think about what you can do to contribute to this process, and then ACT!!!

I welcome you to participate in our endeavor.

For more information, please visit our page on QualityAssurance or contact me at