The Tikipedia theme is based on the very popular Wikipedia(external link), a site based on the Mediawiki engine. The theme is very popular, easy to visualize, and may be more to the liking of some of our users. For users who may have used Wikipedia, CYTOPATHNET is based on the Tikiwiki(external link) engine, and not Mediawiki(external link). Tikiwiki offers much more flexibility and features, and has a much stronger authoring framework, which has been a big criticism of Wikipedia.

Many of you may find the site easier on the eyes for reading and for authoring using the new Tikipedia theme, but certainly, the preference is yours! You may choose from either theme from the left hand menu dropdown box titled "style" or via your "My Tiki" menu by choosing the General Preferences tab. The styles are easily switched at any time, so if you don't like the new theme, just change it back.