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General questions about Cytotechnology schools.



Question: I am a cytology student doing an assignment on; developing, organizing and maintaining a slide study catalog file for cytology slides and their correlating histology slides. Can anyone give me hints as how to do this especially where designing a database

"The answer will vary somewhat depending on your choice of database and your level of computer expertise.

There are several types of tools available to assist you with this, such as Microsoft Excel, Access, FoxPro?, MySQL; but, in addition, some individuals simply use a Word processor, such as Microsoft Word utilizing tables. These all represent electronic versions of ye ole card catalogue, which many of us used prior to the computer age (eek----that sounds scary!).

There are also a wide variety of books available that explain the basics of database setup and maintenance, i.e. the ""Dummy"" series and the ""Learn such and such in 24 hours...7 days, etc"". Many of these will give you a great start in understanding database basics.

I hope that helps you get started! Good luck!!!

Jana Sullinger, MD



Question: I am gathering information for a cytotechnology student candidate. I wouldlike to have a list of active Cytotechnology Schools in Canada and theiraccreditation status. I have not been able to find an internet siteregarding this topic--would appreci

Hello there!

I do not believe that we have listed any active CT Schools in Canada. I would suggest contacting ASCT, link), ASC, link) for starters. Good luck! Sorry I couldn't help.

Jana Sullinger, MD

Question: Just a suggestion regarding Cytotechnology schools in Canada: check out the program offered at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta []. I am a 1st year student right now and will be in the 2nd year training phase next month.
Answer  Thank you so much for your suggestion.

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