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> I'm doing a benchmarking project for my lab and I'm looking for labs that fall within the same general category.
> 1. We are a teaching medical center with an active residency and cytopathology fellowship program.
> 2. GYN - We utilize SurePath? and the Focal Point Profiler for gyn cytology. Our annual billable gyn's are arount 35,000 per year.
> 3. Non-gyn - SurePath? LBP along with cytospin procedures for low volume specimens. Both pathologist procured and radiologically assisted FNA service. Our non-gyn billables are about 3000 per year (700 of them are FNA's)
> 4. Cytotechs participate in research and lectures with and for the fellows and the residents.
> 5. LIS system is Cerner Millenium (without middleware)
> You might also consider contacting the CAP. Perhaps they have some information for that may be helpful. I suspect it may be difficult for people to share the kind of information you are requesting as it may be regarded by their employer as propriatary. So, I would suggest contacting CAP regarding your inquiry.
> This is what I'd like to benchmark against:
> 1. Number of cytotechs not counting the supervisor?
> 2. Division of duties among cytotechs (non-gyn tech, QC tech, etc)?
> 3. Number of cytoprep personnel per shift?
> 4. LIS system utilized (meditech, cerner, co-path, etc)?
> 5. FNA process (mobile cart vs fixed facility within CT or clinics)?
> 6. FNA process - who does the immediate assessment on assisted FNA's(cytopath, cytotech, resident or fellow)?
> 7. Dedicated admin support or central processing?
> My Cytopathology Director would like to do several site visits to labs with similar processes and specimen numbers. Your response will help us out a great deal. Please email me directly with contact info if you can.
> Thanks,
> Stephen Feher, MS, SCT (ASCP)
> Dartmouth-Hitchcock? Medical Center


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