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Cytology Department Procedure Manual

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I am in the midst of setting up a brand new Cytology Dept. in a startup private pathology lab. Although I am familiar with all that goes into one, it is a challenge developing a procedure manual from scratch; especially in regards to the format. It would be much less time-consuming if I could find one to use as a "template"; not to plagiarize, but to work off of and refer to.

Does anyone know of a resource that one could utilize in doing this? Maybe a way to obtain maybe a retired procedure manual from an archive or something? Appreciate the help...

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I would recommend utilizing publications from CAP as well as NCCLS. I doubt that you will be able to get much other than that, as most are not able to share their procedures because of proprietary reasons. However, between querying ASCCP, CAP, ASC, and NCCLS, I bet you can get a good start.

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