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Olympus BX51 versus Nikon Eclipse LV100D-U

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I realize this post is two years old. Microscopes' post has been very useful for me. However I was wondering if you may help me choose between these two microscopes.

I am trying to buy a versatile upright transmitted/reflected microscope at the moment. I will use this microscope mostly in dark field although sometimes in bright field. Additionally, I would like to be able to play around with 360° rotating polarizer and analyzer both in transmitted and reflected illumination.

I hesitate between Olympus BX51TRF and Nikon Eclipse LV100D-U. So far, Nikon's microscope seems to best suit my needs in terms of how upgradeable it is. Indeed, I would like to be able to use two light sources at the same time in reflected illumination (a laser and a halogen lamp) and I also need at least two ports (one for a camera and the other one for a spectrometer connected via a fiber). However, the price is a big issue. I've found that Nikon's products cost twice as much as Olympus products. Is Nikon's quality twice as better?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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