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Related topic but newbie needs input/help

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I will watch your cost-related posts in future, thanks. But I am heading a small tech startup with potential cost savings in nucleic acid testing (NAT).

I am puzzled there is no good comparison chart of existing products via Googling, showing the following metrics:

for Research-only test kits (preapproval):
96 well format, how many wells dedicated for each patient sample, for controls, buffer mixing?, etc. (real practice... e.g. how many samples maximum per 96well or 24well plate including controls)

for Clinical test kits (e.g. HIV, HPV):

The figures I have gleaned from others and literature talk about $7/sample in research only, and $20-100 for clinicalss.

Anyone seen a chart or other good apples-to-apples comparisons? I would like to undercut others in our planning documents (we can...)

Thanks if can email to


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