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Glossary Term: high risk definitions
Definition of Glossary Term:

posted on: Thu 28 of Jul, 2005 11:00

The requisition requirements for "high risk" information include "indication of whether the patient had a previous abnormal report, treatment, or biopsy". This information should be available to the cytotechnologist when evaluating the slide. Refer to 493.1241(c)(7).

The minimum 10% rescreen regulation requires that the selection "include those from patients or groups of patients that are identified as having a higher than average probability of developing cervical cancer based on available patient information". A laboratory should define what they consider to be "high risk" and ensure that some are included in the minumum 10% rescreen. Refer to 493.1278(c)(1)(ii).

Sandra K. Fite, CT(ASCP)


Refer to 493.1241(c)(7).
Refer to 493.1278(c)(1)(ii).

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